“The value of the Internet of Things won’t be in the connections; it will be in the exponential amounts of data generated by those connections and processes”.  The world is constantly evolving with frameworks, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR).  I’m one such who was fascinated with Internet of Things and wanted to deep dive into the concepts of connecting things on Internet and was overwhelmed when my course this subject.

          Throughout my fantastic journey in IoT subject that I had during my Masters, I’ve learnt a lot with real time experience in the class.  I never knew I could play with so many devices and try lot of different things.  This blog is all about my experiments that I did with Raspberry Pi and Node MCU.  This also describes about my research in the domain that I’ve selected and interested to work, the project that I’ve chosen is Smart Mirrors.  The detailed description about the project experience from start to end has been explained in the posts of my blog.  The challenges that I faced and the solutions for those during my project has been written so that it’s quite informative for others who read my blog in order to fix those problems when faced.

       On the whole, I am thankful to Prof. Paul Schragger for being so patient in guiding to the light and future of IoT, I’m really excited to deep dive a lot into the subject.

                                                                                        BY- LAVANYA SWARNA